We want to introduce to you three new members of our team, young researchers undertaking an internship with Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania, studying various aspects of the bison rewilding initiative in the Southern Carpathians. You can read a little bit about them, in their own words…

Georg Messerer from Germany

“I came back to Germany after spending some time guiding safaris and learning about the african ecology in South Africa and Botswana last year. I then wanted to apply my experiences in Europe and was disappointed to not find a single intact ecosystem in Germany. I then searched for projects and came across projects to rewild europe in different countries. Romania immediately struck me as the most interesting, since I have never been there, and I was told the wilderness in the Carpathians is the most pristine in Europe. So I was sold and after getting everything organised through the local team managers, I came as soon as possible. And now, after being here and seeing it myself, I don’t plan to leave any time soon and hope to contribute my part towards it”

Tiago de Matos Miguel from Portugal

“My name is Tiago, I’m Portuguese and I’ve been studying in Holland for over 2 years. I came to the Bison Hillock as part of my Masters Internship on Forest and Nature Conservation and because I’m passionate about wildlife. I was eager to find how this ambitious project was working and help out in what I can, while at the same time conduct my own research project. I am currently working with camera traps to get an idea of the fauna composition in the area where the bison are to be released. Projects like this deserve the full attention and support of the European audience, and I could not help myself but take part in bringing the European bison, that wonderful beast, back to the European landscape where it once roamed wild and forever belongs.”

Clare Bissell from the UK

“I’m a full time masters student at University College London, studying Anthropology, Environment and Development. I was attracted to the bison project here in Armeniș because it sounded like an interesting place to explore in person a lot of the topics I have been studying – the balance of conservation with development, the social and economic situation, and what local people think about ‘rewilding’ as a concept. During my stay I hope to talk to people to learn about their way of life (hopefully getting hands on experience) and to research how far locals feel ownership over the bison project direction, priorities and development. I am also interested in the political background and the pressure from other forms of ‘development’ in the area. My professional background is in working with communities in the UK, setting up and running community/youth-led projects in London and Bedford.”

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