Wildlife saving squad reporting:

Nicu, a lovely kid from Fenes, found a house sparrow that fell out of his nest. It was barely moving and really scared.
Three members of our team, Charlotte and Duncan, doing their internship in the Bison Hillock and Georg our Research Station Coordinator put their hearts and heads together to help the little bird. We gave it water, sugar water, then Nicu even went to find some small worms to feed it.
It was really heartwarming to see Nicu take initiative and be so responsable to try to save a little bird. Its a sign he might be one of those youngsers who’s life has turned around, since all us nature lovers and conservationists have decended in a small mountain village in the Southern Carpathians to bring back bison into the wild.

Keep close and thanks for tuning in.

If your interested in joining our field project, you can read more about it, here: http://wwf.ro/researchstation

Text and photo: Oana Mondoc