Today we stood by sheep, instead of Bison. Paddock, instead of Wilderness. And did a lot of standing, instead of walking. 

A family get-to-gether of great importance! Milking the sheep, to calculate the amount of cheese that will be made this season. All under a festive atmosphere. 

We started off with a prayer, facing a burning mountain (coincidence). Then particular individuals were picked out of the paddock and led to the men sitting on stumps. They seemed eager and ready to get started on those vocal sheep. 
The women made sure the ones being handled felt all comfortable and remained in the same position, making it easier for the milker. Scratching itchy chins, patting tired heads, and unknotting dreadlocks off of the backs of some very hairy individuals. They seemed to be doing a good job, one could almost make out sheep snores and happy whistles.

There were many of them and luckily they produced a lot of milk at the end of the day, meaning: a lot of cheese! So there were many happy faces all over the paddock. Including the sheep that must have felt rather relieved, after getting rid of so many kilos of milk. 

Each owner anxiously waited for his turn to measure his end result. The milk was carefully poured into a special measuring bucket. The successful milker was acknowledged with heavy pats on the shoulders by the others. And then the many buckets, filled with milk, were brought to a big pot next to a fire to immediately start the pasteurising process in the close by hut.

All ended with a wholesome and delicious picnic, Rachiu and rich slices of homemade cake, while happy sheep settled down in the lush grass, chewing their cud and enjoying life in the background

by Georg Messerer