We woke up at 6:30 today, got on the tractor and headed out to see the bison. It’s really cold and wet these days and the moody weather really took its toll on the rough trail there. We got to the bison hillock a little over 9. Adi and I went looking for the bison to take close-ups. Adi had a long lens so we didn’t have to get too close. The pictures help us in our health status scoring. As we predicted the animals were in the forest, eating fallen leaves and chewing on bark. We then left them be in their tree bark frenzy and headed back to the shed to help Danu and another two guys with some final work on it. We hammered in some nails in the floor, to be more precise. In the meantime, the guys put the roof on. The sun set around 5 and we went back to Armeniș. Before calling it a night, we decided on which trailer we’re getting to make transport to the site more efficient. Finally home. It’s late.


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Photo: Adrian Grancea