Since autumn is here and we are in a such a beautiful place, each day spent in the forest is a blessing. With every walk we take, we enrich our souls with the peacefulness of the forest, the knowledge we absorb from our local wilderness guides about the trees or the spectacular animals that surround us.

To get closer to Mother Nature, the forests are a good place to start. Getting your head around the plants and trees in the area helps you a lot to identify the species bathed in the warm light of the autumn sun. Right now, the most beautiful leaves are the ones from the secular beeches, which at every waft they are slowly falling down. We are very lucky to diving into this almost every day, reminding me of John Muir’s thoughts: “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”.

Until the next time, make sure to take some time to be one with Nature.

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Text and photos by Daniel Mîrlea