Close to the bison

2017-11-09T21:06:21+02:00noiembrie 9th, 2017|

Each meeting with the bison is full of emotions and knowledge. Recently, along with Alba and Angus, we went to the bittersweet pears’ area, where, [...]

Learning the ropes of tracks and signs

2017-11-08T21:15:38+02:00noiembrie 8th, 2017|

As I told you before, our activities here also involve a lot of learning. Recently, our colleague Georg taught us how to identify animals by [...]

Moments in nature

2017-11-01T22:18:55+02:00noiembrie 1st, 2017|

Although winter is almost upon us in terms of temperature at least, the sun rays interrupt the grey weather from time to time. We continue [...]

A meeting with the bison

2017-10-16T18:47:36+03:00octombrie 16th, 2017|

Today I have lived a very special moment on Bison Hillock, that moment I have waited for about three weeks and which worth the wait. [...]

The school from the Bison Hillock

2017-10-14T17:40:18+03:00octombrie 14th, 2017|

Each day we spend in the Bison Hillock’s forest is like a school for us because we learn something new every day. When you see [...]

2018-08-27T06:46:41+03:00mai 6th, 2017|

Wildlife saving squad reporting: Nicu, a lovely kid from Fenes, found a house sparrow that fell out of his nest. It was barely [...]

2016-07-20T09:12:44+03:00iulie 20th, 2016|

As a part of my study I am setting up camera traps throughout the area where the bison can roam free. Whether the bison actually [...]

Latest from our forest cameras

2015-06-03T10:22:22+03:00iunie 3rd, 2015|

Hi everyone, here are the latest pictures from the camera traps I have set up in the future bison forest! After over 4 hours of [...]

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