A night spent in Bison Hillock

2017-10-17T19:49:58+03:00octombrie 17th, 2017|

In the last posts, I’ve shown you photos from our day-hikes in Bison Hillock, the place that is our home for these months. This is [...]

Studying bison diet and habitat use

2017-10-07T19:19:55+03:00octombrie 7th, 2017|

One of the greatest satisfactions of being part of the Bison Hillock task force is the amount of insight we gain every day. We learned [...]

Take some time to be one with Nature

2017-10-04T19:52:20+03:00octombrie 4th, 2017|

Since autumn is here and we are in a such a beautiful place, each day spent in the forest is a blessing. With every walk [...]

Discovering the land of bison

2017-10-03T18:26:34+03:00octombrie 3rd, 2017|

The land of bison from Caraș-Severin, called Bison Hillock, is our home from the next months, months in which we, all together, will explore the [...]

2016-11-11T21:29:11+02:00noiembrie 11th, 2016|

Today we went up to find the wild bison and to check on how they are looking and doing. Not easy, as the last GPS [...]

2018-08-27T06:48:46+03:00octombrie 23rd, 2015|

Ambiguous Feelings overwhelmed us the day before yesterday as we went through footage of our Camera Traps from the past few weeks. Caused by a [...]

Come see our babies!

2015-06-25T11:21:54+03:00iunie 25th, 2015|

Hello again dear animal lovers, here’s a nice treat for you :D I’ve just collected five more cameras from the pastures of the Bison Hillock [...]

Fresh off the field!

2015-05-09T15:19:53+03:00mai 9th, 2015|

My first post fresh off the field, with exciting news! In a project with WWF and Wageningen University, I’ve been setting up camera traps outside [...]

Bison vs. wolf

2015-01-20T22:09:00+02:00ianuarie 20th, 2015|

Part of our work as bison rangers involves maintaining the integrity of the electric fence which surrounds the pre-release rewilding area. This week, work around [...]

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