Goodbye for now

2015-07-18T10:42:54+03:00iulie 18th, 2015|

Dearest readers (and casual readers as well),This will be my last post on this blog. I am leaving the Bison Hillock and go back to [...]

Speaking of babies…

2015-06-30T18:25:26+03:00iunie 30th, 2015|

What about our new bison!!? Yeah, that’s right, we welcomed a new guest at Bison Hillock, as our strong female Spomenca became the proud bison [...]

Come see our babies!

2015-06-25T11:21:54+03:00iunie 25th, 2015|

Hello again dear animal lovers, here’s a nice treat for you :D I’ve just collected five more cameras from the pastures of the Bison Hillock [...]

Lights, camera… rain??

2015-06-18T17:29:15+03:00iunie 18th, 2015|

Another batch of camera traps retrieved from the forest, and another new species to add to our list! This times it was the European pine [...]

New Bison in the Hillock!

2015-06-14T15:09:28+03:00iunie 14th, 2015|

On the 12th of June we received a new group of 14 bison in our Hillock coming from countries like Switzerland, Belgium and Italy. We [...]

Latest from our forest cameras

2015-06-03T10:22:22+03:00iunie 3rd, 2015|

Hi everyone, here are the latest pictures from the camera traps I have set up in the future bison forest! After over 4 hours of [...]

Fresh off the field!

2015-05-09T15:19:53+03:00mai 9th, 2015|

My first post fresh off the field, with exciting news! In a project with WWF and Wageningen University, I’ve been setting up camera traps outside [...]

2015-04-25T04:00:00+03:00aprilie 25th, 2015|

Today we stood by sheep, instead of Bison. Paddock, instead of Wilderness. And did a lot of standing, instead of walking. A family get-to-gether of great [...]

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