Searching for bison

2017-11-03T21:37:32+02:00noiembrie 3rd, 2017|

Today, along with Georg, we have decided to search for bison in the forest, meeting which happened a few hours later. We went to the [...]

New colleague, new area and a new trail

2017-11-02T20:03:57+02:00noiembrie 2nd, 2017|

Cătălin is the newest member of our team, but not at all new to the mountains here or WWF’s work. Catalin joined the team as [...]

Moments in nature

2017-11-01T22:18:55+02:00noiembrie 1st, 2017|

Although winter is almost upon us in terms of temperature at least, the sun rays interrupt the grey weather from time to time. We continue [...]

The first signs of winter in our area

2017-10-30T22:38:08+02:00octombrie 30th, 2017|

Today we felt the first signs of winter, during our walk to Rusca area for the hamlets and tree inventory. The wind was cold and [...]

The White River

2017-10-28T23:22:25+03:00octombrie 28th, 2017|

The White River is a key habitat in the Bison Hillock area because its the lifeline for so many plants and animals. It’s also the [...]

A new area discovered in Plopu

2017-10-27T22:23:20+03:00octombrie 27th, 2017|

In one of the past days, we accompanied Laura, a student from the Netherlands, helping her to find some suitable control areas for a university [...]

Happy birthday, our dear friend Duncan!

2017-10-26T21:03:35+03:00octombrie 26th, 2017|

Duncan is one of the team members who helped us develop a special bond with Mother Nature, here. He is not just a great teacher [...]

A new wonder in the Bison Hillock

2017-10-25T20:35:06+03:00octombrie 25th, 2017|

Each day means knowledge and discovering. Nature, enchanting as always, more so on days like this. We went up the stream of the White River [...]

Wildlife rescue squad

2017-10-23T15:59:50+03:00octombrie 23rd, 2017|

Yesterday evening, around 5.30 p.m., Oana and I were driving to Caransebeș when we saw a bird walking very close to the road. We stopped [...]

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