Today, along with Georg, we have decided to search for bison in the forest, meeting which happened a few hours later. We went to the Plopu area and from there we headed to the last GPS position that Guni, bison female leader, last had. On our way to the search for our wonderful ones, we met a squirrel which was making supplies for the winter, and not much further, a curious fox, most likely, looking for something to eat. When we’ve got to the location indicated by the GPS, we focused our attention on analyzing the bison fresh traces. We followed them into the heart of the forest at least for an hour, place in which we found bison. We spent 15 minutes in there, standing, observing and photographing them, being very grateful for this meeting. When they felt our presence in there, they began to hurry up, going faster and faster to a wild and densely area of the Hillock. We did not stay too long after that because the evening was coming fast and our way home wasn’t short at all. To end this hike properly, on the way back, we met a very hardworking woodpecker.

Pentru limba Română mergi aici »în-căutarea-zimbrilor

Text and photos Daniel Mîrlea