It’s been a couple of weeks since our last journal entry, but with good reason. We’ve spent every other waking moment when we were not up in the bison hillock, writing the first project coordinated by our local association AMZA (The Bison Hillock Association in Armeniș). We just submitted the project for a small funding call. Our hope is to redesign the bison hillock visitor centre and involve the locals here – young and old – with support from the Mayors’ Office and our project partners. We’ve got workshops and a lot of “hand-made” activities planned to turn the centre into a really inspiring place; more news to come, when the jury verdict comes in, as we don’t want to jinx it. No matter what the donors decide, our journey in putting together this project has been fulfilling; we were pleasantly surprised by the passion and ideas of some of our friends and neighbours, a local painter and some master carpenters here.


This is the logo of our association, inspired by the cave paintings in Coliboaia, Apuseni Mountains. Amongst the drawings there is a bison and the works are over 30000 years old. We’re very proud of our national bison heritage.

In other news, as there’s still plenty of snow in our part of the Țarcu Mountains we decided to continue supporting the bison with extra food and so we get to see them every day. We’re sure this is not the last we see of winter and we’re ready for any challenge the element throws at us.

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