On the 12th of June we received a new group of 14 bison in our Hillock coming from countries like Switzerland, Belgium and Italy. We had a big event waiting for them, as there was a lot of interest in the press and the local community to witness the arrival of the second group of bison to their new home. It was an amazing day that counted with the presence of all the local team, volunteers and representatives from WWF-Romania, Rewilding Europe and some of the parks where the animals came from, namely Domaine des Grottes de Han in Belgium and Parco Natura Viva in Italy. A number of people from the local community were present, together with a lot of school children who were very excited to see the animals arrive. Everything went by without problems, all bison were released successfully and at the end of the day we could all finally breathe with a sense of mission accomplished. Now the real adventure begins as a new bison herd is established in the area and get accustomed to their new habitat before being released into the wild in a few months… Here now is a quick recap of the events in photos!

These are some of the faces of the people that contributed to making this day a reality and a success, as well as the faces of some of the new dwellers of the Bison Hillock… powerful looking creatures these beasts of the wild are… That’s all for now from the Bison Hillock, until next time, here’s a side of the bison I bet you haven’t seen before 😉

By Tiago Miguel.