Although winter is almost upon us in terms of temperature at least, the sun rays interrupt the grey weather from time to time. We continue our study on the human-wildlife conflict and along the way we get a chance to have all sorts of encounters with the charming wildlife we work for 🙂 In addition to the photos we take, we monitor and record their locations (habitat), behaviour and other info that may be relevant and change from season to season. The monitoring work is done using a very handy wildlife monitoring app developed part of the Life Bison project which funds the bison conservation work. The value of of keeping track of wildlife and monitoring their presence is obvious in time, once all info is correlated through modelling and interpretation and will be used to inform the team’s future conservation actions.

Pentru limba Română mergi aici »în-natură


European robin (Erithacus rubella)

Text and photos Daniel Mîrlea