Hi everyone, here are the latest pictures from the camera traps I have set up in the future bison forest! After over 4 hours of walking in the forest yesterday with a half broken GPS device looking for my cameras, I picked-up the SD cards and chose new sampling locations. There were a lot of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) pictures, proving the species is doing well in the area, but also some other species came to pose for our cameras! Wild boar (Sus scrofa), badgers (Meles meles), mistle thrushes (Turdus viscivorus) and even… ready? Red deer! (Cervus elaphus; bottom right photo, not easy to see but there’s a male with huge antlers!)

These photos are a really nice reward for the hard work it takes to set-up and collect the cameras from the (sometimes very) steep forests of Romania, the wildlife is looking alive and well, but I am still waiting on a picture from the elusive bears and wolves that roam these forests… 

So keep in touch, who knows what other stunning species will pay us a visit next time! 😉

By Tiago Miguel