Hi everybody! During my stay at the Research Station in Fenes from June to October I will keep you guys updated with stories and adventures during my internship at the Bison Hillock project in the beautiful Tarcu Mountains!

As I am from the Netherlands, I’ve never done a lot of real hiking. However, being surrounded by hills and mountains here, there is no way around it. So, if I want to conduct proper fieldwork for my studies, I must get some hiking skills! That’s why I got to explore the surroundings during the first weeks in Fenes. 

The perfect day to explore this area is a nice and sunny Sunday. Why, you may ask? Well, during a Sunday the local people enjoy their weekend instead of working on their fields. This saves you from a lot of strange looks of people that wonder why on Earth you would be walking there, and probably a handful of conversations with locals that I would not be able to understand anyway. As a biology student, my eye is always attracted to everything that moves. Just like this Clouded Yellow butterfly (Colias crocea). Beautiful isn’t it?

And ending the day with a nice bike ride through the fields between Armenis and Fenes is the perfect way to enjoy the serenity of nature before the sun sets. They say a picture says more than a thousand words, what do you think?

Although the everyday scenery in Fenes is not buzzing, there is enough to explore and share. So I will keep you guys posted!

By Nick Huisman