Dear friends,

Some news about our future plans in the coming months. As of January next year we will be the proud recipients of European Commission Life financing which will help bison rewilding for the next five years. Though this grant we are aiming to create a free-roaming bison population of at least 193 bison by
2020, further growing towards an estimated 300 in 2024. As part of the project we’ll also be developing a new website dedicated to rewilding in Southern Sarpathians and our Bison Hillock field blog will gradually move there. (don’t worry, the old content will be imported so you will be able to look back on all our activities from 2015).

All hands on deck as we prepare to set up our new website, so in the meantime we invite you to keep an eye on our Facebook page for the field updates.

Looking forward to a very exiting new year in the meantime make sure you spend as much time as you can out and about, experiencing wild nature!

Danu, Matei, Georg, Sandu, Adi & Oana