Our exploration continues, and, as I said last week, we will go to explore some National Parks from our country. We spent the last few days in the Semenic – Cheile Carașului National Park, a really amazing area from the south-western Romania. We started our exploration with a beautiful view from Carașova Citatel. After that, we started to go down to the gorges. Here we were surprised by some spectacular landscapes, but also things that we do not do every day, like passing over a river just helping us with some wires. This thing increased our adrenaline level and make us pretty hungry. We stayed in there and ate for 15 minutes and we start walking again, even the ground was wet and slippery but did not stop enjoying us the sculptures made by nature and time. The time passed very quickly and we need to end our hiking in there because the evening was coming and we were supposed to go to the Semenic Mountain Rescue chalet. The next day, early in the morning, we went to explore a virgin forest for several hours. Cătălin, our colleagues, explained to us the importance of this kind of forest for the ecosystem. In this hike, we analyze the mushrooms, lichens, tree mussels and better see how the trees are ”fighting” for the light. After returning to Mountain Rescue chalet, we gathered our things, admired once again the area(I don’t know about the other ones, but I promised myself that I will come back to this area to explore it more) and went back to Armeniș.

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Text and photos Daniel Mîrlea