Our exploration continues, and, as I said last week, we are on a mission to get to know some of Romania’s National an Nature Parks. We spent the last few days in the Cheile Nerei – Beușnița National Park, a really amazing area from the South-Western Carpathians. The weather was quite cloudy and the places pretty wet, but those did not stop us, on the first day we trekked for 18 km and 21km the day after. The beauties we have discovered here are now on all of our spring bucket list, the place to be and see the melting snow rush through the gorges as nature comes back to life. We traveled along chains, very narrow paths beside turbulent waters, and a lake that almost hypnotized us with its emerald-blue: the Ochiul Beiului Lake. On the first day, we made a relatively classic route, made by many people, the La Văioaga Waterfall – the Ochiul Beiului Lake – the Beușnița Waterfall. Unfortunately, the Beușnița Waterfall was dried and we couldn’t enjoy the spectacle it usually offers when the water is running out, but this is another reason for us to come back and see it in all its splendor. In the evening we spent the night at a boarding house in Sasca Montană, a so well-known commune for mining, being part of the Moldavian-Noua-Sasca mining area, then called “Centum put”, meaning “the region with a hundred mines”. In the next morning, we went back on the road, this time to go through a very demanding route (that the day was pretty sunny, so it gave us more enthusiasm) that made us our adrenaline increases to the maximum, especially when we had to go through chains, and the water in the quay was more than nervous. The narrow trails, besides the rocks, have also given us emotions, but they have even helped us to cooperate with each other and to be very careful about where we are going. About the place, what can I tell you, until you put your foot in there you do not believe how much beauty can be hidden in that area and how many you have to explore. They are imposing and they are not for everyone, but it’s probably their charm. After almost the whole day we walked, with very small stops, to the evening we left this area and we headed back to the house, where Lupa was waiting for us … restless as always.

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Text and photos Daniel Mîrlea