The land of bison from Caraș-Severin, called Bison Hillock, is our home from the next months, months in which we, all together, will explore the habitat of bison, understand their behavior, follow their tracks, observe what they are eating and how they act in different circumstances. Besides the main purpose we are here, we will learn a lot from each other’s culture, the team is made from people from Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and not least, Romania.

From the first day we arrived here, we were impressed by the beauty of the land, the fresh air (if you are coming here from a crowded city, this will be the first thing you will feel) and, of course, the colors of the autumn. Our first walks in the forest, gave us the feeling that in there we can discover the whole beauty of the Earth, cause no matter the weather (we had plenty of walks in the forest during rain, too) we were able to listen to the call of the birds, the rustling of the wind, and to be more curious every step we take. Even though on our first visit to the area, we weren’t so lucky to see bison our patience was rewarded the next day with some beautiful exemplars that we could observe in silence. We saw a couple of bison, but we were surprised by a large male-bison, which we just observed for a couple of minutes. It was pretty covered by branches and trees, and we were curious to see it more closely, but in September its still their breeding time so it is not indicated to be around them, especially to bother them with your presence or encroach on their territory.

Otherwise, these forests definitely need to be explored, bison to be discovered and observed, and to not forget to mention, the villagers here are very polite and ready to help. The food is really good too. See you next time!

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Text and photo by Daniel Mîrlea