Each meeting with the bison is full of emotions and knowledge. Recently, along with Alba and Angus, we went to the bittersweet pears’ area, where, for more than 2 hours, we stayed and analyzed several bison, each one unique in its nature. I stayed quite close to them and even if the temptation to capture them with my camera was pretty big, I preferred to look at them and try to understand their behavior. These animals are mild and timid, but at the same time devoted to their family and protective, not aggressive. It’s beautiful to see how such a simple process as ”eating” is so complex in their world. For them everything is about choosing the right grass, maintainig a position in their herd, moving with the herd when the leader heads out. It was almost sunset when they left the forest for going in a meadow and we followed them and captured how the warm light of the sun touched them softly.

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Text and photos Daniel Mîrlea