Simon Colliers, the Tourism Manager of Rewilding Europe, came on tuesday to give us another dose of much needed Flycamp Training. Although very unlucky in terms of weather, we managed to make a fire under an impromptu rain cover and boiled our selves some warming goulash-soup for dinner, after clearing the grass with a sickle and pitching the tents in cold, mountain drizzles.

The rain did not stop pouring down on us throughout our whole camp out, but we kept our smiles and the good times rolling – with a little help from some dutch beer and interesting conversations. The next day we scouted out the bison area to find good camping grounds for the future and of course did some Bison watching in between. 

We camped close to one of our camera traps. And so we used the opportunity to check the SD card as we went past it. It revealed a few foxes and a wild cat.
This particular fox (Now named “Black-Patch”) is a regular commuter on this road and is one of the few individuals we have managed to identify in the bison area. And so is this Wild Cat (Felis sylvestris). Slowly their patterns are being revealed to us. Bit by bit and photo by photo

by Georg Messerer