Filled with energy, our baby bison is starting to
stand quite firmly on his four little hairy legs. He is running around,
jumping up and down and exploring new ways to spend his days. Here you
can see him practicing some valuable head-butting skills with his Mom
and simply enjoying life as a youngster in the hillock.

His horns are
starting to show and in a few years he will be locking heads with other
males and testing out his strength. When ever we encounter him in the
field, he pauses curiously to check us out only to quickly seek comfort
with the bug guys. Wild, healthy and good to go, we hope to see him grow
up to support the next generation in the Southern Carpathians!

tuned for more news and pictures from the Bison Hillock. Until then,
enjoy this sneak peak from our camera traps and share it with your friends.

By Georg Messerer

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