Hi again dear bison lovers!

This is the third update on the camera traps I have outside the bison enclosure, the last one before the bison are released into the wild this weekend. In the past two days I went into the field to collect and select new locations for all five pasture cameras, so here now is a showdown of the best photos. Ready?? Here we go!

A lot of roe deer showed their faces, which is great for us to start to get to know them better 😉 Along came a few foxes and a really nice wild boar, that also came to pay a visit during the day. It appears that as summer rolls on, more animals are coming out during the day, which give us amazing photos 😀


Also… what about these awesome photos of Red deer?? The photos are from different places and different days; could it be the same individual? Yes, I believe so. Check out his magnificent antlers, and despite the different positioning, the antlers appear to match in both photos. Cool, right? 😉


But.. What about… Yes, I know what you’re thinking. If you read the last post, I told you to keep in touch in case we get photos of some mysterious beast of the wild, like, I don’t know, a bear?? 😀 Well my friends, have the pleasure of checking this out!!


No, it’s not a movie scene, although it very well could be! This wonderful sequence of the elusive bear in the pastures of the bison hillock emphasizes the need to protect these lands and this magnificent fauna, so we can keep spotting these animals for years to come and continue to be astounded at the presence of these mighty animals.

So once again, keep in touch with us and we’ll keep you in touch with what goes on in this amazing place we call the Bison Hillock, who knows what other surprises are around the next corner? 😉

By Tiago Miguel