Ambiguous Feelings overwhelmed us the day before yesterday as we went through footage of our Camera Traps from the past few weeks. Caused by a lovely video of a Wolf, sneakily exploring the Bison area on the 17th of October! Seemingly on his own, with a thick neck and beautiful coat, looking rather healthy and well-fed. Personally, not having invested so much work into the bison’s well being as have done the two Bison Rangers, Danu and Matei, I was stamped with a massive smile on my face by this video and immediately rushed over to show them. However, they, relatively reserved, looked less enthusiastic and quite worried about this. This is the second time a Wolf has triggered this camera in the enclosure since March 2015. 
This means the wolves have initiated the reconnection of their relationship with the bison in this area. Which, ecologically speaking, is great. But with the two young Bison born this summer (”Romaz” and “Rorieta”), Danu and Matei have all reason to be worried.
And not just from the Wolves’ side, there is potential danger awaiting the young. We have detected an area, in the immediate vicinity of the enclosure, where there is a lot of Bear activity. Encouraged by tracks of what seemed to be an adult female with her young, we set up another camera trap there and captured this photo of a single bear, walking past three days ago.

Danu and Matei, checking the fence in the Forest, five and a half hours before the bear walked down the same road.

Interesting times in the bison hillock! 
Keep updated as we try to keep up with the happenings surrounding the Bison. 

by Georg Messerer