It’s a hard knock life sometimes… troubleshooting between hard labor, being a cool guide in the bison hillock and monitoring the bison’s health, habits and adaptation, surrounded by breathtaking mountain tops, valleys and highlands, forests, pastures and wilderness  🙂 This week we started work on the tourism programme for spring, so please spread the word! You’re in for a fly camp experience in the bison hillock in Armeniș, Romania. It includes a night sleep in a comfy camp, which comes with bed and breakfast. We received the camping equipment a week ago then waited for Simon to join us, for some a la carte training. Simon Rawlings is the tourism expert for Rewilding Europe.


We started our day at the visitor centre, finding out what this fly camping is all about and what all the bits and bobs are.


We had to find a great spot to set up the camp and we did. Simon took us through the installation steps and layout and gave us really good tips on how to make sure every tourist has a good experience and attention to detail makes a happy visitor. We went through a full day of a fly camp experience. What really stood out was how important it is to think in stories, local history, feelings and experiences we’ve been through ourselves since getting to know these charismatic bison. We have to admit, you get pulled into Simon’s stories about the dozen of fly camps he’s experiences in wild places over the word. Lucky man.


In March, Simon will back in Armeniș and we will host a 3 day demo camp organised to the smallest detail, to test ourselves out, learn by doing and get ready for summer. We might see you there…


For Romanian, press here.

Photos: Adrian Grancea