In the last posts, I’ve shown you photos from our day-hikes in Bison Hillock, the place that is our home for these months. This is a very special area, even we are talking about day or night, in which the bison are free, constantly adapting their behavior to the environment. Along with Duncan and Alba, I enjoyed a night under the starry sky, near the Tara Observatory. We prepared our beds (near a tree, in our sleeping bags), put the food in the trees and make a fire (after we secured the area for it) to keep us warm. We talked a lot about our experiences in nature, how our mountains with their flora and fauna are, we tried to identify as many stars as possible and we practiced our chef talents cooking pasta. We felt in there like in an expensive restaurant because nature gave us all we needed as follows: sounds, silence, and a beautiful view.

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Text and photos Daniel Mîrlea